Owner of Left Corner Goods

Hello, I'm Holly. I'm a maker, graphic designer, and mom. 

I started Left Corner Goods in 2021 out of a desire to get away from the computer and start to put some of the ideas in my head out in the world. I bought a tufting gun after trying some weaving techniques, latch hook and punch needle. While I use all of these techniques in my work, punch needle and tufting really drew me in. After exploring many different styles and various items I could make into a soft 3D item for the home, I've landed on a few collections and items that have stuck. 

I delight in making pieces that are unique and original. I design for the person who appreciates colorful, graphic, bold, modern, trendy, and or abstract designs. I've settled on three collections for now- mossy greens, soft pink boho, and a maximalist collection full of color. I also have a made to order division where you can purchase large tufted wall art for a specific space you have in mind. 

We do not have a physical space, although there are a few markets we participate in each year, and you can purchase items online.

Thank you for visiting this page and supporting a small local business. Each item is made with care, and your support directly impacts the hands that make your unique piece.