New Tufting Studio

New Tufting Studio

As we are near the end of this year, it's always a good time to reflect on what has come and what is next. We finally finished my tufting studio in our backyard, here is a quick video of the progress. I can't wait to start my year out making beautiful things in my dedicated space. 

This past year I learned how to dye and spin yarn, tried out many new designs, started combining some techniques like weaving and latch hook with tufting, and experimented with some upholstery.

This next year I am stepping up my tufting gun equipment with a pneumatic gun and sculpting razor which will allow for some more intricate designs and added textures. 

I enjoyed meeting many new people at some holiday shows this year including Urban Craft Uprising, the Local Maker events, and the Tacoma Night Market. 

As these past two years have been my years to explore and learn, this next year while I continue to refine my process I will also pair down my designs and create more cohesive collections. I also hope to share the joy of this process with others in classes or workshops, at least that is my goal for this year!

Happy Holidays and wishing you a bright and colorful 2023.

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