Maker hiatus

It's been about a year since I've made a post here, and about 6 months since I've posted new products to my site. This year I got married, went to Mexico, finished a bachelors degree that I put off for years, hurt my back, and now am navigating a summer at home with two elementary kids and two high schoolers. I don't regret starting down this fiber arts path, but I get overwhelmed at all I want to do, make and learn. I've had to remind myself that making may feel like my life-line, prioritizing responsibility first makes my time creating more productive and enjoyable. I feel guilty spending time making, but when I maximize my time in other places and really tackle my to-do list I earn yarn time. Give me two months, and I hope there will be an outpouring of new products.

Here is what's on the horizon:

  • An art barn- next month we will turn a barn into an art studio and I can release our garage back to the family. 
  • I've really focused on learning how to make yarn and dye this year, so more pieces with handmade yarn and a few weaving techniques 
  • Playing with knots in my pieces, possibly some tassels too! 
  • Some hand bag/ totes 
  • A few shows this next holiday season (sorry summer shows, not this year! ) 
  • Once the art barn is done I would love to start a few classes and get more involved with the Local Maker events! 

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