Made-to-Order Collections

I've spent the past two years learning about fiber arts and exploring how make home decor and gifts that are covered in yarn, and I've learned so much. Most of the items I've made were just to see if I could do it- can you make a yarn wreath? What if I make a rug lamp? How about a plant pot that is wrapped with yarn, or what about a tiny punch needle necklace? It's been rewarding and challenging. I've learned how to spin yarn, dye fiber, make art yarn, combine tufting and weaving. The possibilities are really endless when you mix methods and jump in with a curious spirit. I've landed on a few lines with 4 different designs- one inspired by Memphis Design, one green-mossy style, a mountain design, and a coastal palette. Sometimes you need to play around a bit to find something cohesive, and while I struggled aesthetically with my lack of cohesion, it was a necessary path to explore some of my wonders. Here are drawings of the three collections along with a few examples. I'm excited to add some consistency that allows you to choose a size and design to fit your decor style.

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