January- Fiber Arts Yarn Explosion

January- Fiber Arts Yarn Explosion

Well we are almost a month into 2021, and it’s been an artful month full of learning new things to do with fiber. I’ve wanted to learn more about fiber arts for years now, a few years ago I got a book on weaving, but my son was young and I couldn’t find the time to invest into exploring the ways I really wanted to. I made a few wall hangings, here is the second one I made, but I didn’t fall in love with weaving like I did the punch needle or tufting. Ok, onto tufting. 

For Christmas I received a tufting gun, and my man helped me build a frame and I slowly gathered all the supplies. My yarn collection is growing, and as it turns out rug tufting takes up ample space which is why my car is now parked outside and part of the garage is my new studio space. So far I’ve made two rugs with my tufting gun, and am continuing to learn more. I love power tools and things that move fast, I’m so addicted I even researched what it would take to buy the professional air compressor gun, metal frame, and finisher. I’ll just say that while I want to jump in because it’s truly captivated me, I’m trying to stay sane. I made a video of a few things I learned below. 


Here is the backside of the rug, I have yet to finish it because I have a few more pieces to do on the backing material before I take it off the frame.

Since there are so many techniques I want to learn I also dove into latch hook which actually takes very little skill, but ample patience. I didn’t really plan out any of my designs I just went wild with texture and color. Here are a few of the wall hangings I made below. To be honest, some more planning could have helped the pieces look more refined, but this month I really wanted to allow myself the freedom to explore without too much planning. I’ve since taken a course and am excited to try locker hooking and some more designs, but for now, onto punch needle.

Punch needle is by far my favorite thing I’ve tried yet. I like it because it’s forgiving, fast (compared to other fiber arts), and I get to use all the fun textures of yarn. So far, I’ve made four punch needle projects and I have the basics down, but have since ordered a speed needle and vintage punch needle that I want to explore a bit with. I also found a punch needle fiber artist who has passed, but turns out lived in the Pacific Northwest and I’m channeling her spirit in my work. I’ll make a video on her in the next month. To say I’m obsessed is an understatement. There is something about working with my hands, choosing color, creating texture, and designing the pieces that fulfills me in ways not even thrift shopping can do. I also plan to make a punch needle video soon. Below are a few of my first punch needle projects. I’m excited to evolve my next pieces as I’ve learned some new techniques and bought a few new tools.

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