February punch needle depths

February punch needle depths

My plan was to explore fiber arts for a month and move on. I've just scratched the surface, and have a few ideas that I want to make and sell so I'm giving myself another month. I have also learned so much, I want to share. So, below is a video on supplies to get started with punch needle, specifically information on frames, backing material and punch needles. 

I finally created the type of piece I want to with some more knowledge of materials and with some work gathering supplies. (my yarn collection is out of control) Below is my favorite piece to date, I made it on a large backing frame with my tufting gun and a vintage Colombia punch needle. It was a labor of love, but the textures from the different yarns, color, variation in punch length, and the loops vs. cut pile give it the feel I have been trying to achieve. This is roughly based on an abstract painting, and I plan to do a series like this one. 

And, I have been playing around with a smaller punch needle using embroidery thread and smaller pieces of yarn. I've made these cute punch needle pendants, and am currently planning to make more. 

Sometimes you just find a medium that works for you, I think I like punch needle so much because it allows you to create texture, variation, and the ability to use your hands. I hope to teach some classes, make patterns, make projects to sell, and share what I learn. More to come! 

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