Expansion and re-focus

Expansion and re-focus

I've had a mind-map list of things I want to make and grow into for a few years now. I started this journey of making things simply out of a desire to try as many mediums I can- not the best business plan, but very satisfying for my curiosity. I've struggled at the beginning of this year as I planned out what I wanted to focus on for the year. I designed made-to-order collections (which really helped me focus) and started tufting new mirrors, storage containers, wall decor and so on- I'm excited to bring some of the new goods to markets this summer, but I simply can not make the items in a cost-effective efficient way. I will not stop tufting- I do have a lot of new exciting supplies and many more ideas to explore in this medium, but from now on my tufting will be made-to-order or more custom pieces. I hope to apply for some art installations (I've always wanted to try for the Wollworths Window display in Tacoma) or art grants for directed projects.

I've been searching for something I can replicate a bit easier (maybe not having to re-create a listing every time I add an item- or what a novel idea, maybe wholesale?!) I've fallen in love with gypsum cement, and have combined my love for home decor with this wonderful product and can't wait to release some of these new creations into the world. 

Oh, and I'm also working on a stationery line of Risograph printed cards, just because I've always wanted to and while I could sit back and take all year to strategically come up with designs and release a collection all together I'm going to do it little-by-little. I have 3 cards printed, 4 cards that are in the works, and at this rate I will have a line of about 12 cards by the end of the summer. 

My site is going to be a little mish-mashy for awhile and I'm ok with that. I'm going through something- ha- and I'm just going to let it be until one day a cohesive brand will emerge. Sometimes you need to try some things- jump in and try it on for size. I've learned so much these past few years and curiosity keeps us all interesting right? 

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